Industrial Primary Power Service


Available through one meter to any customer for light and/or power purposes whose maximum load requirements do not exceed 50 Kilowatts and where the customer is located on the Utility's distribution lines suitable for supplying the service requested.

Character of Service

Alternating current having a frequency of 60 Hertz and furnished at a voltage which is standard with the utility in the area served. 


Demand Charge

$ 18.85 per KVA of billing demand

Energy Charge:

$ 0.02844 per KWH for all KWH

Minimum Charge

The minimum monthly charge shall be the customer charge.

Determination of Peak Demand and Measurement of Energy

Peak demand shall be measured by suitable recording instruments provided by Utility ad shall be the average number of kilovolt-amperes in the fifteen minute period during which the kilovolt-ampere demand is greater than any other fifteen-minute interval in such month. For those customers who are not being metered by the use of a recording instrument, the peak demand, expressed in kilovolt-amperes, shall be the average number of kilowatts in the recorded fifteen-minute interval in such month during which the energy metered is greater than in any other such fifteen-minute interval in such month, divided by the lagging power factor (expressed as a decimal) calculated for the month. For billing purposes, the billing demand shall be the greater of the peak demand occurring during the month or fifty (50) KVA. Energy shall be measured by suitable intergrating instruments.

*All rates are subject to the provisions of Appendix A and Appendix B

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