Commercial General Power Service


Available through one meter to any customer for light and/or power purposes whose maximum load requirements do not exceed 50 Kilowatts and where the customer is located on the Utility's distribution lines suitable for supplying the service requested.

Character of Service

Alternating current, sixty Hertz, single phase at approximately 120 volts two-wire or 120/240 volts three-wire, or three-phase at approximately 240 volts, or 120/208 volts where available.


Customer Charge

Single Phase - $ 20.00 per meter per month
Three Phase - $ 23.00 per meter per month

Energy Charge:

$0.08153 per KWH for all KWH

Minimum Charge

The minimum monthly charge shall be the customer charge.

*Subject to the provisions of Appendix A and Appendix B.

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